olga rybalko art - pacific rim - landscape painting-19.jpg

westward dreaming

36" x 60", Acrylic on Canvas

📍28°04'32.7"S 153°26'53.4"E

Sandcastle City
Where new sensation, &
Delicate fabrication are
Demolished by tides of
Time; that great amnesiac wave
That erases each day
With its protean hand.
Awaiting new footprints from
Old feet.

Sandcastle City
Where, with restless fingers we reassemble
Fashions, shapes,
Which can only resemble
The form they wore
The day before.
For all we can ever see for sure
Is Change’s whims and
Deep demands
From the country of Same
And the same old sand.

Sandcastle City’s
Sandskin flesh is testimony
To moment’ry
Whose architecture seldom seems
To show the bones that grow and grow
For no other reason
But to grow.

Sandcastle City
Where the constant children of endless East
Consign long thoughts to the be-nighted West
And live lives of
No sunsets.
And if they hear the Adult’s voice
Ignore, forget
And hit reset.
The tide is in
And all
Is wet.