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Wherever we may go 

24" x 60", Acrylic on Canvas
$2,000 SOLD

📍47°42'39.3"N 124°24'50.7"W

The ocean breathes itself into the cloudrafts overhead
That sail across the skysea bound for land,
Deep inside their silvered frames, simple sleight of hand
Salt to rain
Sweet alchemy
That fills them full of life
They run aground
Where mountains slice their bellies
Like a knife
From their death comes rain
For the earth
A trickle first
And then another
Join together
Twine like lovers
And carry mountains piece by piece
Back into sand, back to the beach
From rivers we drink the clear breath of the sea
Deep inside us - alchemy
From fresh to salt, our blood
Our tears
The tides inside us, reappear
The circle closes, the circle spins
It never ends and never begins
As we swim in its body
It swims in our own
Wherever we go
We are always home